O.M.P. Overview:

The best way to think of the Online Mentoring Program is regular, continuous contact with me during your time in the program. We will meet through a Skype or phone conversation to discuss your goals. We will exchange many emails with images of your work and progress returned with Overlay Critiques, notes, suggestions and direction. Your questions will be answered in a regular, timely fashion and concepts and ideas will be presented and explained in relation to the projects you are working on.

Unlike a workshop where you work on a pose or setup designed by the instructor, this program will be about your work and your vision. If you are already working on specific projects, this program can be what pushes them to the next level. If you don’t have current projects and are more interested in setting up Atelier style training in your own studio (i.e. cast drawing, painting, portrait, figure, color theory etc.), this program can also offer that kind of structure and guidance.

The O.M.P. Experience

The following is a description of a typical 4 week period in the program:

You sign up for the program and we agree on a time to meet on Skype or on the phone for a 30-45 minute discussion. During this discussion we delve deep into what your goals are and the projects you have in mind. From that discussion I will prepare a Project Plan and send it to you via email. While the initial Skype/phone conversation is part of the 4 week program, the 4 week period itself does not officially begin until you receive the Project Plan.


Once you have the Project Plan you will begin work on your project. On a weekly basis you will photograph your setup and progress and email the images to me. Each week of the program I will create an “Overlay Critique”. This is a method of critique I’ve devised that is unbelievably effective (see examples below). Using this approach I can correct things in your drawing or painting and make notes. These notes relate to a written critique I will prepare. You can refer to the image and the critique as you move forward on your project that week.If you have questions or concerns related to anything I mentioned in the Overlay Critique, each week we will also exchange a follow up “Question and Answer” email. This Q&A email can also contain images of your work in progress and I will do my best to answer your questions and provide additional feedback.

We will plan for an additional Skype/phone session sometime during the 2nd week. This will be another 30-45 minute conversation where we review your progress and discuss any of your concerns. The program ends with a Final Critique in the form of one last email, Skype or phone conversation where I review images of your project and we discuss what the next steps might be, whether it’s moving on on your own or continuing in the program.

O.M.P. in Action

The O.M.P. Breakdown:



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