In pricing the Online Mentoring Program, I wanted to keep tuition payments as simple and easy as possible. I also didn’t want people to feel locked into a long term commitment. For that reason the initial pricing for the program will run on a monthly (4 week) schedule for a monthly tuition of $400.

Your time in the program will consist of regular contact through Skype/phone, illustrated overlay critiques, and general email correspondence as we work intensively to reach your goals. Below you will see a table that describes a typical weekly schedule in the Online Mentoring Program. (For more information on the program see “How it works”.)

Those of you who would like your experience to continue beyond that one month period are welcome to do so. In fact, I imagine many of you will want to remain in the program for an extended time as we work through several projects. If you are interested in a longer term commitment to the program after the initial 4 weeks, you can Contact Me and we can discuss those options more specifically.


What The O.M.P. Package Includes:


How Tuition Payments are Made:

Once you apply and are accepted into the program you will be sent a link to a payment page. This payment page will contain a variety of payment options (credit card, Paypal, etc).


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If you have any questions about pricing and payment please contact: