Make Your Visions a Reality

Like many people I’ve always been driven to share images, imagined or observed, through art. The greatest frustration was the feeling that I was unable to convey these images successfully. To overcome this I studied at various ateliers and under wonderful artists I greatly admired. Through my years of learning and experience, I feel more fully able to convey my artistic vision than ever before. I want very much for other artists to experience this same creative liberation. Your visions do not have to remain locked away in your imagination. They can be unlocked and conveyed successfully to others, transmitting to them the feeling you had when you felt inspired to pick up the brush.

Reach Your Goals in Your own Studio

Not everyone can travel to an atelier or take enough time off for a workshop. This program offers a chance for people who are serious about furthering their craft to do so in the comfort of their own studio using a time schedule that works for them. We’re all at different points in our artistic journey. The Online Mentoring Program gives artists a chance to bring me into their studio and build the instruction around their own, personal goals.


An Efficient and Effective Way to Improve

Years ago when I was first learning to draw and paint, I was hungry to learn. I was overwhelmed by what I didn’t know and I often felt that for every step forward, I took two steps back. It was not until I studied with artists I greatly admired that I began to feel a real sense of direction in my approach. I was not only learning technique, I was learning how to see, think and interpret the world around me. For the first time I felt like I could get where I wanted to go. That’s why I made this program, to offer you the same feeling of empowerment. This program is about cutting through the frustration and focusing on the skills, technique and discipline that will most effectively deliver you to your goals.


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