Extended Still Life Demonstration


In this exciting new painting tutorial, Scott delves deeper into the essential concepts that shape his art. With a belief that these concepts, more than any process or technique, determine the look and quality of his artwork, Scott hopes to give other artists the same intellectual tool kit so that they might push their own work further than ever before.

46 minutes total running time. $20 USD. Format: wmv

In this download, you will receive Webisode 7 in HD (720 x 1280) along with an extended 40 minutes of footage featuring the Still Life Demonstration (HD 720 x 1280). In both videos Scott describes the many concepts he uses when painting. The webisode contains numerous graphics and illustrations to depict Scott’s ideas related to painting edges. The extended 40 minute Still Life Demonstration covers a painting process that took 12 hours to complete. Beginning with a monochromatic wash over the transferred drawing, this demonstration progresses through each stage of the painting to its completion. Throughout the video Scott offers insightful narration describing his thought process and the artistic concepts he utilizes while working.

To allow for faster download time these videos have been broken down into several files:

File one: Still Life Demonstration Part 1 (720 x 1280 HD quality – 238MB) running time: 10:08
File two: Still Life Demonstration Part 2 (720 x 1280 HD quality – 257MB) running time: 10:31
File three: Still Life Demonstration Part 3 (720 x 1280 HD quality – 231MB) running time: 10:43
File four: Still Life Demonstration Part 4 (720 x 1280 HD quality – 191MB) running time: 9:08
File five: Webisode 7 (720 x 1280 HD quality – 192MB) running time: 6:35