Making A Painting


Making A Painting is Scott’s most ambitious and complete tutorial yet. For the first time ever, he goes beyond his concepts and technique to apply everything he has taught in the past to a large scale, complete oil painting. This exciting and richly detailed tutorial dives deep into the long and challenging process of completing an artwork.

The painting featured in this tutorial took Scott nearly 100 hours to complete. This video puts the most essential parts of that journey together in a comprehensive yet digestible way for the viewer. Now’s your chance to learn how to create your own oil painting first hand from one of today’s leading classical painters.

158 minutes total running time. $45 USD. Format: mp4

Perfect for Beginners and Advanced Artists Alike

Artists new to the process of painting or Scott’s technique will get a full view into his approach to oil painting so that they might begin their own artworks in a similar manner. Those artists who are more experienced and have seen Scott’s tutorials in the past will experience a lot of new content, insights and techniques as he paints nearly life-sized portraits, hands and a background into this composition.

Viewers will also see Scott change tactics part of the way through painting the portraits. He grew unsatisfied with the way the paint was looking and radically changed the way he was applying his paint. In this section, Scott takes an entirely different approach to painting form with bristle brushes. He then builds on this new approach by bringing it back to his former working method in a way that yields a new aesthetic outcome. Scott learned from this experience and hopes that viewers too will take away something useful from its portrayal in this video.

See The Whole Process! Scott Takes You Through Each Step of Completing An Oil Painting

This video contains over 2 and half hours of in-depth content which is fully narrated by Scott. He goes into great detail about his process and offers numerous insights and tips as he paints each part, one at a time. The video itself is broken down into several separate video files so that downloading each one is faster and easier.

Complete with a Free Illustrated Glossary and Time Code Table of Contents!

Included for free with this video is the Illustrated Glossary artists have found in most of Scott’s other videos. If you don’t already have it, this glossary makes it easy to look up some of the terms Scott mentions throughout the narration. Also, to make it easier for viewers to skip ahead to the sections they most want to see, a Time Code Table of Contents is provided. Find the time code of the exact section you want to see (say, the painting of David’s eyes) and then scrub ahead to that time code on your media player so that you can watch it right away.

To allow for faster download time this video has been broken down into several files:

File one: Making a Painting Featurette (1280 x 720 – 448MB) length: 29:30
File two: David’s Portrait (1280 x 720 – 489MB) length: 32:09
File three: Audrey’s Portrait (1280 x 720 – 505MB) 33:14
File four: David and Audrey’s Hands (1280 x 720 – 457MB) 30:03
File five: Clothing and Background (1280 x 720 – 511MB) 33:37
File six: Illustrated Glossary and Time Code Table of Contents (pdf)