On Form: Essential Concepts for Representational Artists


In this exciting new painting tutorial, Scott delves deeper into the essential concepts that shape his art. With a belief that these concepts, more than any process or technique, determine the look and quality of his artwork, Scott hopes to give other artists the same intellectual tool kit so that they might push their own work further than ever before.

98 minutes total running time. $39 USD. Format: mp4
Warning: contains artistic nudity

Beginning with an in-depth feature, On Form, Scott takes viewers on a tour through his most important concepts of form, light and color. This feature not only explains the ideas Scott uses while painting, it depicts many examples of him using these ideas to interpret, create and ultimately evaluate his own drawings and paintings. These are critical skills for those who constantly strive to better their craft.

Special Segments on Blending and Understanding Shadows

On Form is followed by The Appendix. In this additional video, viewers will find informative chapters on various topics related to painting and form. These include Blending Form, Understanding Shadows, Alternative Ways to Paint Form, and a special segment, Color and Mixing where Scott succinctly lays out the fundamental colors he uses in the demonstration paintings contained in this video.

In-Depth Demonstrations of Several New Oil Paintings

The final two parts of this comprehensive tutorial are The Demonstrations. These feature the development of several new paintings, each with a slightly different approach and process. In one, Scott finds himself doing a complete under painting while in another he prepares the under painting as he goes, session to session. In yet another painting featured in these demonstrations he skips the under painting altogether only to find his paint sliding around too much on the smooth linen. To adapt to this material challenge, Scott introduces a new technique which allows him to continue painting form in an efficient manner. A final artwork featured in these demonstration is a large multi-figure painting. While only a single portrait or two from this composition is covered in the video, viewers will see how they were painted in the context of a multi-stage under painting so that the global relationships would support Scott’s color choices while painting.

Fill of New Diagrams and Animations

With countless new diagrams and animations, this video bridges the gap between the visual process and the artistic process, offering representational artists the concepts to
more fully and successfully express themselves with their art.

Complete with a Free Video Guide and Illustrated Glossary

Along with the video files, viewers will find a Video Guide. This is an additional, free pdf file that contains an illustrated glossary, a transcript to the main features ( On Form and the Appendix), as well as a materials list.

To allow for faster download time this video has been broken down into several files:

File one: On Form, Main Feature (1280 x 720 – 525MB) length: 26:44
File two: On Form, The Appendix (1280 x 720 – 286MB) length: 12:43
File three: On Form, Demonstrations Part 1 (1280 x 720 – 445MB) 29:18
File four: On Form, Demonstrations Part 2 (1280 x 720 – 457MB) 29:38
File five: On Form, The Video Guide (pdf)