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Ways to Study

Core Program

Scott’s Core Program is for those artists looking for ongoing study with regular, in-depth critiques and guidance. In this program, you will work on projects of your choice, ranging from still life, cast work, portrait, figure and even professional gallery work. You will be in regular contact with Scott as he prepares clear, thorough critiques and Overlays that target the very specific things you need to work on to further your craft.

Admission into the Core Program is ongoing. Apply anytime!

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New! Portrait Painting Class

This NEW, intensive Portrait Painting Class is focused specifically on drawing and painting the portrait. Currently, this class is being offered as a 3 week class or a 6 week class. Students will be provided with regular, personalized critiques, overlays, study materials and a course guide. Over the course of the class, Scott will work regularly with you to help you complete a full portrait painting. As an added bonus, you will also receive a complementary digital copy of Scott’s highly popular video, “The Portrait Course”.

Admission into this program is ongoing. Apply anytime!

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Scott is currently developing a Figure Painting Class that will debut later this year. This class will delve deep into figure drawing, anatomy, structure and eventually painting. As with Scott’s other Online Classes, this class will emphasize one on one interaction and personalized critiques.

Available Courses

1: Core Program

  • The Core Program is an in-depth, personalized program that focuses on your personal goals as an artist. Whether you want to focus on cast drawing, painting, figurative work, portraiture or even still life, this is the program for you.
  • The Core Program runs on a 4 week schedule. The tuition for each 4 week period is $400. Space is limited but you can apply anytime to be added to the waiting list.
  • For more information or to apply, scroll down to the contact form at the bottom.

2: Portrait Painting Class

  • If you’re an artist who is looking to improve your portrait drawing and painting skills, then this is the class for you. Scott will guide you each step of the way as you complete a portrait painting.
  • The class begins with an emphasis on accurate drawing and concludes with a complete portrait painting on canvas. In this class, you will be in regular contact with Scott as he prepares weekly critiques, Overlays and answers to all of your questions.
  • You can choose between working from your own live model or from a photo reference.
  • This Portrait Painting Class is being offered as a 3 week class and as a 6 week class.

Tuition Costs

3 Weeks


6 Weeks


Student Work

how to apply

Enter your email in the contact form below to promptly receive an application. Please specify if you are interested in the Core Program or the Portrait Class.