NEW! Painting In Oil


In this new, exciting video tutorial, Scott shares his oil painting process in a way he never has before. Scott’s portrait paintings each take anywhere from 25-35 hours to complete. In previous videos, he’s had to edit that footage down and even time-lapse sections of the painting to fit the whole process in. Now, with this new video, Scott has created a Main Feature where viewers can see a stroke by stroke, step by step presentation of his painting method. By isolating a few key forms, Scott goes into great detail, sharing exactly how he makes his seamless paintings. He goes through countless brush strokes applying, developing, and refining the form.

153 minutes total running time. $40 USD. Format: mp4


In the Main Feature of this video, Scott shows nearly every brush stroke that goes into painting an area of form. Beginner artists will benefit from this in-depth portrayal as they will see clear patterns for mixing, applying, and refining oil color that might not always be clear in other art videos. More advanced artists will also appreciate this in-depth presentation as it is accompanied by frequent illustrations and descriptions of Scott’s thought process as he tackles the many challenges involved in painting quality color and form.


Because the Main Feature focuses intensively on the painting of a few key areas, Scott has included over an hour of bonus demonstrations. In these additional videos, viewers will see a lot of exciting, new content. To start, Scott finishes out the remaining parts of the portraits portrayed in the Main Feature. After that, he goes into great detail as he shares his process for doing a variety of new artworks. One of the paintings portrayed was done with no preliminary drawing. Another was setup to be layered with heavy texture. In another, Scott paints a more extreme facial expression of a model yelling, which was done as a study for a larger narrative painting. Lastly, Scott shares a painting that was done in a very different manner than he normally paints as he explores methods for making more classical, idealized form.


Included with this video is a Video Guide. In it, Scott describes his drawing process, transfer process, and Underpainting technique. The video itself focuses heavily on form painting, so these additional materials will help artists setup their paintings in the manner Scott shares in this video. Additionally, there is an Illustrated Glossary and high resolution images of all the models featured in the video.

To allow for faster download time this video has been broken down into seven files:

File one: Painting in Oil: Feature: Part 1 (1280×720) running time: 29:56
File two: Painting in Oil: Feature: Part 2 (1280×720) running time: 30:23
File three: Painting in Oil: Feature: Part 3 (1280×720) running time: 25:56
File four: Painting in Oil: Demonstrations: Part 1 (1280×720) running time: 37:25
File five: Painting in Oil: Demonstrations: Part 2 (1280×720) running time: 32:09
File six: Painting in Oil: Video Guide: PDF
File seven: Painting in Oil: Model Photos: JPG