Scott’s Artwork

Scott was born and raised in Central Florida. He received his BFA from Florida State University, studied at the Florence Academy of Art and the Waterstreet Atelier in NYC. In 2006 Scott moved with his wife to New England where they now reside in Rhode Island with their two kids and pets.

Scott’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries including: Cavalier Galleries, Meredith Long and Co. and Joshua Liner Gallery. His work has also appeared in several publications including: American Art Collector Magazine, Drawing Magazine and Star Wars Art: Visions.

“Scott Waddell’s elegantly bright-dark paintings are reminiscent of Caravaggio who infused his subjects with not only verisimilitude, but with “commonness”. It is Waddell’s talent for capturing this every man quality in his startlingly realistic works that make his figurative subjects so intriguing and compelling.”

“Many of Waddell’s paintings are dominated by a sense of isolation, and as you would expect, light and shade are central to conveying that separateness. This is true in his single portraits as well as his paintings with multiple figures.”

“Waddell’s paintings are more like film noir scenes where dark and light are employed to obscure and confound rather than elucidate. A self-described “history painting”, Waddell’s tableaus convey not so much a specific person or activity, but rather an iconic universality with a profound sense of timelessness and epic gravitas” – Michael Culver PHD

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