The Art of Drawing


This exciting new tutorial begins with an interview of Scott as he describes his many points of view on drawing. After a thoughtful and thorough discussion on the importance of drawing, Scott then lays out his specific approach and techniques for drawing the figure. You will gain special insight into Scott’s methods, materials and thought process from this conversation as he candidly shares his personal drawing experiences. This is followed by a break down of Scott’s preferred drawing materials and method for toning his drawing paper.

144 minutes total running time. $30 USD. Format: mp4

Two New and Extensive Drawing Demonstrations

The main demonstration portion of this tutorial features the development of two new drawings. Scott takes you through every step of the block-in, transfer and final render. One of the drawings is of the nude figure and the other is a portrait. Both were done on toned watercolor paper beautifully rendered in pencil and white charcoal. Both of these demonstrations are fully narrated as Scott describes his process every step of the way. This is a must watch tutorial for artists interested in representational art making.

Plus: Bonus Content and a Course Guide

In addition to the interview and full drawing demonstrations, you will also receive an additional 22 minute bonus video. This video contains a special segment, “Block-in in a Nutshell” where Scott succinctly outlines his block-in process as well as an additional, unnarrated demonstration of a portrait drawing. This bonus content fills out this already comprehensive tutorial to a 144 minute total running time.

Additionally, you will find a pdf course guide along with your video files. This course guide contains a clear break down of Scott’s drawing materials, a materials list and an illustrated glossary.

To allow for faster download time this video has been broken down into several files:

File one: Art of Painting: Part 1 (720 x 480 DVD quality – 261MB) running time: 31:05
File two: Art of Painting Part 2 (720 x 480 DVD quality – 289MB) running time: 25:15