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Painting Facial Features

In this exciting new painting tutorial, Scott demonstrates extensively his process for painting facial features in oil.

$40 / 114 Minutes

Making a Painting

$45 / 158 Minutes

On Form

$39 / 98 Minutes

Portrait Course

$45 / 149 Minutes

what are artists saying?

  • Scott Waddell takes you through the entire process of making of several realistic figure and portrait studies from life. His method is based on careful observation in the initial drawing and block-in stages, and deliberate choices as he applies values and colors. To help clarify many of the points, he has created digital animations peppered throughout the video. This is a video that a serious student or professional will profitably watch over and over again.

    James Gurney Artist
  • In his series of art instruction videos, Scott Waddell brings a critical awareness to the various ways that a representational artist can interpret the information they see. This is done by using thoughtful dialogue, a number of well explained demonstrations, and helpful animations that quickly orient the viewer. I would highly recommend his videos to anyone who wants to improve their realistic drawing and painting skills!

    Douglas Flynt Artist

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